Ok so off we embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Below is a pic of the happy couple before travelling for 32 hours to reach Rennes and hang out with Aline’s mum and friends for the next 3 weeks. There were initial fears I would have to pay extra for my excessively heavy (27.5kg after a repack down from 32kg) bag, however Sam the very helpful Etihad employee who checked us in let it slide as Aline’s bag was only 17kg so happy faces all round.   Image

Flying that distance is always an ordeal due to the lack of sleep, time difference, excessive feeding, boredom, turbulence, bloating, and toilet queues. However the range of in-flight entertainment somewhat alleviates this and you can watch so many things that I forgot most of them. Prometheus and Safety Not Guaranteed were highlights.

Enough jibba jabba, long flights are long. Layovers are dull. The end. So lets get to France already and eat goats cheese and drink wine. Which is exactly what we did. After a wonderful surprise welcome party from Aline’s friends when we arrived in Rennes, and an even more wonderful shower we headed into town to explore and find a bar to drink wine in the sun. How glorious. We were also treated to an airshow which you may be able to see in the below photo… Image

Or maybe not, but just check out what a lovely afternoon it was. Ok well that’s enough from me, there’s more wine and cheese to be consumed. My god I love goats cheese and there is soooo much here and it’s so cheap and amazing. Oh and we tried Wasabi Cheese. Crazy times. Viva la France!