So I have this bike…


  And its a totally rad fixie with no brakes as you can see. Now I am totally in love with the aesthetic of this bicycle. Look at how sleek and minimalist it is. Even a random middle aged lady I met while composting commented on how it seems like a more practical bike to ride and that all the brakes and gears were just unnecessary. I don’t think she realised the style of braking necessary for a fixie and she assumed you could just back peddle like on a kids bike.

Nonetheless I love the shit out of it and can just stare at it longingly for several minutes at a time without feeling awkward about it. There is one significant flaw in my beautiful bike love, I live in Brighton, UK where there are a lot of hills. Now its not so much the uphills that worry me, I actually quite enjoy the challenge of climbing a super steep hill. It’s the descent which scares the shit out of me. This is generally the opposite of what happens when you are riding a freewheel bicycle and you can kick your legs out with glee and whoop to your hearts content. Riding a fixie with no brakes down a hill is like trying to control a rabid Doberman who has just seen a Poodle. It’s nuts and somebody is gonna get raped…

Now for all those fixie enthusiasts out there, yes I do know how to skid but sometimes skidding is not enough and you don’t really stop that much, particularly if you really need to stop say if there’s a bus which suddenly pulls out in front of you. Most of you are probably saying “why the fuck don’t you just put a brake on there? You dickhead”. And to this I reply. .. Maybe I will.