Are you excited? I am exciting by the very thrilling conclusion to my 3 part series about riding a fixie and whether or not having a brake is the right thing to do. Most of the blogs and news articles about fixies and accidents that I have read so far, say that obviously a brake helps if you need to stop quickly. Truer words were never spoken.

Functionally my bike is excellent. I can make it stop using the power of my legs. I can skid and look awesome and have fun, because skidding down a hill is actually quite a thrill and one of the main reasons I like riding my bicycle.

Sweet pic compliments of this website

So then it all comes down to my own health and well being. So far by riding a couple of times a week on short journeys I have not had any issues. Going down substantial downhills can put a bit of strain on my legs and on the tyres but so far so good. I don’t ride like a maniac due to the fact that I know I can’t stop quickly and the crazy traffic rules allowing cars to park in any direction kind of freaks me out, when they pull out on the opposite side of the road and head right at you…

Well this conclusion hasn’t been as exciting as I thought it might be… until now!

This bike is made of gold!

Anyway at the end of the day brakes or no brakes I am still gonna ride my bicycle and have a friggin great time. At the moment I don’t feel like its pressing to go out and purchase some brakes as I am not really depending on my bicycle for transport. I mostly just ride for leisure and to run the occasional errands around town.

Sorry to disappoint my legions of fans but there is no outcome to this tale. The brake/no brake debate will go on as it is not an argument of logic and more of personal taste. I figure as long as I am not putting myself into dangerous situations and riding sensibly then all will be golden. And if not, c’est la vie…

This is not my pic its from here… http://pugofmyheart.wordpress.com/