What what?!?!

This is a little something I came up with a short while ago based on a recipe that I use to make my world famous hummus… Since everyone clearly appreciated my ‘Ode to Felafel’ I shall carry on with my food-based poetry, and I think this is a fitting continuation.

Bon rappetit!

Ok ladies and gents what we’re making today

Is a little treat that will make you say

Why, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever dipped

My bread into, it makes me feel hip

This is a hummus that tastes so great

You’ll wanna make it for every date

Takes 2 cans of chickpeas all blended up

And a few other ingredients that made the cut

Throw in the all garlic, chilli and olive oil

Spooning out the tahini maybe a toil

Along comes the spices a teaspoon at a time

Cumin, smoked paprika, coriander then lime

Juice 2 of those suckers into the mix

The more juice the better don’t take the risk

Not enough juice will make your hummus chunky

Leaving your guests to say “man this is funky…”

To make this hummus sit above the rest

There’s one last trick to help you pass the test

This hummus wouldn’t be the same without the time spent

On adding in that last ingredient

With a flavour that seduces every tongue

And what makes this hummus number one

It comes from a land not far away

This spicy dipping sauce never goes astray

In all kinds of foods, especially this

Delicious nutritious Middle Eastern dish

You may have guessed what it is right now

Its sweet chilli sauce and the crowd says wow!

Pour on in that sweet chilli goodness

And we’re all aboard the hummus express

Now the most important part of this recipe

Is how to combine these ingredient-y

I think a food processer may be required

By hand if you like, but its better when wired

Whizz that shit up into a smooth paste

Is it delicious? Give it a taste

Adjust the amounts to make it fantastic

And it’s not from a container made of plastic

You will never buy hummus from a shop again

Commercially made dips are just not the same

So take this recipe to the masses

And if you got any questions I got answers



I take crap photos that were never going to be anywhere near as good as the ones already on the internet so I just did a google images screenshot of what you get when you search for hummus.

Peas out…