Controversial headline I know, but sometimes those who take what they want are the most successful. Just sayin’….

I was a little bit inspired for this subject matter by watching Hannibal and Dexter and reading the book The Psychopath Test.

It would appear that by holding little regard for those around can often be an excellent way to get to the top. There are apparently a large concentration of psychopaths as CEOs and high profile positions in business and other prominent positions throughout society. So this being the case, should we be advocating for more psychopaths. I would say not. Seems that having emotionless, materially driven, greedy, intelligent people in charge is a recipe for disaster. Case in point being the recession and all that madness caused by greedy arseholes prioritising profits over people and society as a whole.

Anyway my mind has been filled with the concept of psychopaths lately and I just need to say something to get it all out. Ok that’s all thanks for reading my brief and not very concise rant.