Hey so its been a little while since I posted anything of any value. Well maybe a long while, possibly even ever, and this post may not even turn out to be that filled with value either. I start each post with the greatest intentions, feeling inspired just wanted to write to really stimulate my brain. To create. To let others know my thoughts, how I feel about issues. But then I start writing and the madness sets in. Maybe not madness, maybe its more like a lack of motivation, or a lack of direction because I don’t have a set topic. The title of this blog betrays some of that. So lets try and get to a point.

I am currently living in France, and since I am a lazy native English speaker I have not quite mastered the French language. Not living in Paris this can create a few problems. In Paris there is a large tourist population and consequently a large English speaking population. Its an international city as everyone knows, so its much easier for the lazy English speaker to get by without needing to be fluent in French. I however live in Rennes. A much smaller and easier city/town, with a population around 220 000. So I have taken French classes and am learning online, but its a long process.

I had hoped that the whole immersion thing would enable me to just absorb the language and this happens to a point. I can read menus, and know what most of the fruits and vegetables are called. This is due to me being a house husband who does the shopping and cleans our apartment while my beautiful wife is at work earning the euros. For the moment this is ok but without certain creative outputs and inputs it becomes slightly mundane after a while. I go for runs which is a nice way to explore a new city and I have a bicycle so I ride around and go to cafes and meet my wife for lunch.

Of late I have watched a lot of TED talks in order to inspire me, which has resulted in the development of a business plan for a future company. I like the TED talks but I feel slightly restless just sitting around watching shit on the internet. In the end I’m sure I’m going through the same thing most unemployed people go through. Questioning your abilities, trying to find things to do, wasting days, doing a lot of something to distract yourself. I have also started watching The Newsroom. It’s a really good show, written by Aaron Sorkin who did the West Wing and The Social Network.

Maybe I should become a TV critic. Maybe not as I dont have the patience to watch crap. Does anyone remember the Dragon Ball Z movie? Probably not. I tried to watch that and it was awful. Worse than anything I had seen before. I don’t even think the lead actor had acted in anything else before, they just found him on a street. He didn’t even look at all like the character he was playing. Honestly whoever gave that film the go-ahead should be made to watch it over and over and over until they go insane. I turned it off after 20 minutes. I kept wanting it to get slightly better as I thought maybe the action scenes would be cool. But no it was all terrible.

Ok so that was my first official movie review. How did I do?