Well hello there gentle readers,

This is a post from exactly one year ago that stayed as a draft. This tends to happen a lot to me as I have moments of inspiration and then I lose my motivation after writing half a blog. So here is last years post in all its half completed glory…

My most recent exploits haven’t involved riding a bicycle which I am sure many of you will be greatly disappointed with. However my only way to counter this is to say that I went to France and it was Fucking Awesome! I quite like the way those two words look. It’s like they belong together both capitalised, standing proud. I am Fucking Awesome! Yeah I like it.

Anyways I was in France, I ate cheese, I drank wine, I ate crepes and drank cider, I danced by the moonlight…


I also got attacked by a goose.

This was no ordinary goose, it was one pissed off mutha fucker! Going into attack mode against any human who dared come within 20 metres of it or its partner. Aline first found about this angry bird when she decided to go on a lovely walk on a sunny afternoon a few days previously. At the time, she had’t been to this park in a while and was consequently unaware of the avian perils which lurked angrily in her path. Consequently Aline decided it was a good idea to bring me back to teach the bird a lesson. When we arrived at the park on Friday afternoon, the birds were initially quite far away from us however they must have heard Aline coming and as soon as the angry birds caught sight of us, attack mode on. Head low, neck outstretched, honking wildly. We ran, Aline screamed, it was quite the adrenaline rush. The goose also decided to scare the shit out of a dude jogging, and also attack an elderly couple while we watched and laughed. Good times.



Galettes and crepe were consumed on Sunday as a lazy day reward after venturing to the markets. And this is a picture of prune liquor. A Brittany specialty. It’s strong and delicious and comes with a fun Breton flag. Hooray for regional pride!