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Pear & Pepper Salsa

I smashed out this salsa the other night as part of a vegan, gluten free, faux-Mex fest… It was heaps easy to make and I paired it with smoky roasted eggplant & zucchini, and scrambled tofu, onion, bell pepper & mushroom in a cabbage leaf as substitute for a taco shell. IT WAS AWESOME!

Anyway the recipe is as follows:
2 William Pears
1/2 Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum)
1/2 Red/Purple Onion
1/2 Lime juiced
Pinch salt
Pinch chilli powder
Splash of Walnut oil

I am lazy and I like to just chop stuff roughly and then throw it all in a food processor. Boom it’s done in like 30 seconds. Just pulse it a few times so it’s all diced together then pour in a bowl and voila!


Well hello there gentle readers,

This is a post from exactly one year ago that stayed as a draft. This tends to happen a lot to me as I have moments of inspiration and then I lose my motivation after writing half a blog. So here is last years post in all its half completed glory…

My most recent exploits haven’t involved riding a bicycle which I am sure many of you will be greatly disappointed with. However my only way to counter this is to say that I went to France and it was Fucking Awesome! I quite like the way those two words look. It’s like they belong together both capitalised, standing proud. I am Fucking Awesome! Yeah I like it.

Anyways I was in France, I ate cheese, I drank wine, I ate crepes and drank cider, I danced by the moonlight…


I also got attacked by a goose.

This was no ordinary goose, it was one pissed off mutha fucker! Going into attack mode against any human who dared come within 20 metres of it or its partner. Aline first found about this angry bird when she decided to go on a lovely walk on a sunny afternoon a few days previously. At the time, she had’t been to this park in a while and was consequently unaware of the avian perils which lurked angrily in her path. Consequently Aline decided it was a good idea to bring me back to teach the bird a lesson. When we arrived at the park on Friday afternoon, the birds were initially quite far away from us however they must have heard Aline coming and as soon as the angry birds caught sight of us, attack mode on. Head low, neck outstretched, honking wildly. We ran, Aline screamed, it was quite the adrenaline rush. The goose also decided to scare the shit out of a dude jogging, and also attack an elderly couple while we watched and laughed. Good times.



Galettes and crepe were consumed on Sunday as a lazy day reward after venturing to the markets. And this is a picture of prune liquor. A Brittany specialty. It’s strong and delicious and comes with a fun Breton flag. Hooray for regional pride!

Hey hey!

An ode to felafel

What is this fine food, that puts me in the mood?

Thats round like a ball, but not one at all?

Its soft and it crunches, is perfect for lunches

Goes well in a wrap, add hommus to that

Is the perfect meal, and the price is a steal

Made from chickpeas, makes me weak at the knees

It can be gourmet, or just take away

In oil its deep fried, to make it I’ve tried

Tonight was the batch, that’ll be hard to match

Mixed with salsa and cheese, we all say yes please

This middle eastern fare, is beyond compare

It’s never a hassle, fuck I love felafel…

Ok so maybe the last line didn’t rhyme so well but you get the point. If you hadn’t gathered from my amazing rhyming couplets I made felafel tonight and they were friggin heaps good. So here’s my photo essay of the felafel just to make you slightly jealous of my mad felafel making and eating skills…


Crispy fried goodness, to the max!


Felafel mix consists of: chickpeas, coriander stems and root, red onion, mint, garlic, chilli, cumin, salt, chickpea flour.

I soaked and boiled chickpeas, then whizzed up the rest of ingredients except for flour in food processor. Then chucked in the chickpeas and whizzed it a bit more til they were a nice chunky but fairly fine consistency.

I transferred to a bowl then mixed in about half a cup of chickpea flour to bind it all together. Form it into balls and fry it in about a centimetre of oil til they be golden all over. I use groundnut oil which looks and smells a lot like peanut oil but apparently isn’t…


This is the large amount of hummus (and glass of wine) that I made to go with it…


And this is the large amount of salsa I also made to go in my wrap…


The finished product on a wrap with fried eggplant, salsa, hummus and soon to be added goats cheese… My goodness it was amazing. And I am going to eat it tomorrow for lunch too! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Ok well I would like to make a felafel based pun right now but its proving quite difficult. So feel free to smash a couple into the comments section if you can think of them.


Are you excited? I am exciting by the very thrilling conclusion to my 3 part series about riding a fixie and whether or not having a brake is the right thing to do. Most of the blogs and news articles about fixies and accidents that I have read so far, say that obviously a brake helps if you need to stop quickly. Truer words were never spoken.

Functionally my bike is excellent. I can make it stop using the power of my legs. I can skid and look awesome and have fun, because skidding down a hill is actually quite a thrill and one of the main reasons I like riding my bicycle.

Sweet pic compliments of this website

So then it all comes down to my own health and well being. So far by riding a couple of times a week on short journeys I have not had any issues. Going down substantial downhills can put a bit of strain on my legs and on the tyres but so far so good. I don’t ride like a maniac due to the fact that I know I can’t stop quickly and the crazy traffic rules allowing cars to park in any direction kind of freaks me out, when they pull out on the opposite side of the road and head right at you…

Well this conclusion hasn’t been as exciting as I thought it might be… until now!

This bike is made of gold!

Anyway at the end of the day brakes or no brakes I am still gonna ride my bicycle and have a friggin great time. At the moment I don’t feel like its pressing to go out and purchase some brakes as I am not really depending on my bicycle for transport. I mostly just ride for leisure and to run the occasional errands around town.

Sorry to disappoint my legions of fans but there is no outcome to this tale. The brake/no brake debate will go on as it is not an argument of logic and more of personal taste. I figure as long as I am not putting myself into dangerous situations and riding sensibly then all will be golden. And if not, c’est la vie…

This is not my pic its from here…