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A velo-venture.

Newly acquired late 1970s model Peugeot men’s racer. It is in a terrible condition having not been ridden for almost two decades… But with a clean-up and some new parts could be a beautiful bicycle again. Let the velo adventure begin!


So it was the most glorious day ever in Brighton today! The sun was shining to the max and it was my day off, so a bike ride was definitely in order. Having not really explored Brighton and surrounds too extensively, I decided to see how far I could ride. I ended up being pleasantly surprised with the outcome. After you cycle past the Brighton Marina the bike path opens up and follows the road along the cliff top. It’s quite a view both back towards Brighton and forwards along the cliffs face.


This is the best view of the day… Or maybe this is…


Well there were lots of good views all day so I am just going to post a bunch of photos and let you see for yourselves!



IMAG1537 IMAG1538 IMAG1539 IMAG1540 IMAG1541 IMAG1542 IMAG1543 IMAG1544 IMAG1545 IMAG1546 IMAG1547 IMAG1548 IMAG1549 IMAG1550 IMAG1551 IMAG1552 IMAG1553 IMAG1554

As you can see it was all quite a wonderful adventure there were some pretty fun hills to climb and then the last part was all flat path, and not too many people around. Consequently I did some sprints and saw a fellow fixie rider cruising along on a similar mission. The final hill in the last photo was pretty epic and I was rewarded with a flat tyre from a pretty killer looking rock ­čśŽ Put quite a puncture in my tyre but the tube wasn’t too messed up as I was able to make it back into Brighton before it went totally flat. There was definitely some fast riding in order then. Having not been organised enough to buy a patch kit previously I popped into my local bike shop and picked one up on the way home. A project for later on!

After arriving home I relaxed with a rather large chickpea and mixed greens salad, with a smokey balsamic dressing and watched The Walking Dead. Good times. But they were not over. Oh no, not by a long shot. While consuming my salad and watching TWD I received a phone call from my friend inviting me to the beach to embrace the sun. The offer was accepted and before you know it I was having a┬ámarvellous┬átime playing hacky sack ┬áand skateboard cricket on Brighton’s stoney beach. The fun continued when we discovered table tennis tables and were able to procure some bats and a ball. Oh what fun we had. Laughing and playing, and getting highly competitive…


After exhausting ourselves with the table tennis tournament we retired to the beach to watch the magnificent sunset and skim rocks into the ocean.

IMAG1557 IMAG1558 IMAG1559 IMAG1560 IMAG1561 IMAG1562 IMAG1563 IMAG1564 IMAG1565

So that was my day. It was rather magnificent, the only possible improvement would have been having my lovely lady with me!

The End.